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Atheris News & Events

- Breaking news: Atheris and Debiopharm to collaborate on "Reverse-Discovery"

- Not to miss: the Melusine Wishing Well Cards !!!

- Swiss-TV: Atheris in the news with venom milking

- Publications: 13 in 2012 and already 6 in 2013

Recent news:
- June 2013: Launch the the delta-Melusine synthetic venoms
- March 2013: Launch of the alpha-Melusine enriched venoms for HTS
- With... our new venomics concept: Natural, Synthetic & Virtual Venoms

Where to meet us in 2013-2014:
- September: Invited lecture, Natural Products and Health, Singapore
- September: Invited lecture, Australian Peptide Conference, Penang
- September: Invited lecture, MipTec Peptide Therapeutics Forum, Basel
- October: Peptide Therapeutics Foundation Symposium, San Diego
- February: Invited lecture, Gordon Conference on Peptides, Ventura
- April: Invited lecture, Cell-based Assay Conference, London
- December: 10th NP2D Natural Peptides to Drugs in Zermatt


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